Basic benefits of Calibra products


We only offer you the best – premium and higher category products

Wide range

Our diverse range of products will satisfy even the most specific needs of your pet

Developed by experts

Our products are developed in close collaboration with vets

Timeless design

Quality and attractive packaging – our food not only tastes great but also looks good


Our products rank among the best in their categories

Environmentally friendly

We do not use palm oil, soya, genetically modified ingredients, chemical preservatives, or artificial colours


Our products meet strict ISO 9001 standards and are cruelty-free

Cats and dogs

We love all pets, but our food is designed specifically for cats and dogs, and satisfy even the picky ones

Food for dogs

Calibra Dog Superpremium

The Calibra Dog Superpremium Line presents a new perspective on categorising recipes of the highest quality category. The line is divided into three subcategories by function – the division is simple, logical, and offers better orientation in the product line.

Calibra Dog Life – the LIFE product line fullfills the demanding requirements of pet owners for feeding a dog throughout its entire life. The recipes correspond to nutritional needs, which vary based on the individual life stages of the animal, as well as address the most common food requirements of each breed size.

Calibra Dog Expert Nutrition – the Expert Nutrition product line includes recipes for special nutrition which are adapted to the specifics of the pet’s environment or lifestyle, supporting their health or providing relief from specific ailments. Each recipe in the line focuses on solving a particular pet-related issue.

Calibra Dog Verve – delicious and balanced food that respects the natural eating instincts of your most loyal friends – that is our new Calibra Dog Verve kibbles. They contain 30 % fresh meat, which contributes to their great palatability. In addition, grain free recipes are designed to suit the different life stages and sizes of your dog. This is also ensured by the so-called Triple Active Formula, which is a unique combination of three functional additives. Treat your pet to a well-tuned and tasty food Calibra Dog Verve!

Calibra Dog Superpremium Canned Food

Thanks to the 100% declared protein sources of Calibra superpremium complete canned food, it is suitable even for dogs with allergies or sensitive digestive systems. The line contains a wide variety of tasty products. The recipes are made exclusively with meat, either without grains or with very low grain content where it is desirable (Puppy & Junior). All our canned dog food contains salmon oil as an ideal source of unsaturated fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and to reduce in ammatory reactions.

Calibra Dog Premium Line

Calibra Premium is a range of high-quality dry pet food containing a balanced proportion of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements so that they can fulfill all needs of a healthy dog’s organism and support the correct function of the immune system. All formulas contain a high proportion of chicken meat and health-supporting additives. Every dog will appreciate the tastiness of the food, which is superior due to the presence of hydrolyzed poultry liver. None of the Calibra Premium formulas contains any soya or preservatives.

Calibra Dog Premium Canned Food

Calibra canned food is a complete feed for adult dogs. Formulas satisfying tastes of all dogs contain a balanced combination of meat, pasta, cereals and vegetables in jelly. Calibra canned food contains vitamins and minerals, as well as inulin, which has prebiotic effects. The food does not contain any soy, genetically modified ingredients, artificial colorants or chemical preservatives.

Calibra Dog Joy Meat Treats

Soft and juicy treats for your dog, which go hand in hand with your everyday common adventures. Calibra Joy is a range of treats manufactured only from natural ingredients without chemical preservatives. Your dog will love them.


Calibra Dog Joy Dental Treats

Calibra Joy dental treats are unique in shape, taste and well digestible. They help to maintain clean and healthy teeth and serve as a prevention against tartar. Your dog is going to appreciate the excellent taste of Calibra Joy and the fact that he has healthy teeth. You are going to appreciate his clean breath.

Food for cats

Calibra Cat

Calibra Cat Superpremium is a line of hypoallergenic food with an emphasis on cat’s natural eating habits. The entire line is carefully balanced nutritionally, easily digestible and has a high animal protein content. It is divided into three subcategories by function – the division is simple, logical, and offers better orientation in the product line.

Calibra Cat Hypoallergenic – products covering a cat’s entire lifecycle, from kitten to senior cat

Calibra Cat Expert Nutrition – a product line for specific nutritional requirements

Calibra Cat Verve – a product line of pet food has a high content of fresh meat, is gran-free, and meets your cat’s expectations with respect to the ideal food. It therefore respects the natural feeding instincts of our long-domesticated, yet untamable pets. Fresh meat ensures that the dry food tastes great, and the crunchy puffy texture makes it utterly irresistible.

Calibra Cat Superpremium Canned Food

Calibra’s superpremium line of complete canned food for cats and kittens features a wide variety of tasty products. The canned food is made exclusively from meat and is grain free, thereby fulfilling the strict requirements for finicky feline diners, and thanks to the 100% declared protein sources, they’re suitable even for cats with allergies or sensitive digestive systems. All our canned cat food contains salmon oil as an ideal source of unsaturated fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and to reduce inflammatory reactions.

Calibra Pouches

Complete food of delicious taste in pouches for cats and kittens. Wide range of meat chunks in tasty gravy satisfy your cats. Calibra pouches contains essential vitamins and minerals supply cats with energy for the entire day. Without soy, chemical preservatives or artificial colorants.


Calibra Cat Joy Meat Treats

Soft and juicy treats for your cat’s everyday adventures. Calibra Joy treat line is made of natural ingredients. Your cat loves it.