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Veterinary Diets

Do you have a dog or cat at home who are struggling with health problems? Has your vet prescribed them a special veterinary food or are you looking for more information about Calibra diets? Go to the offer of our veterinary diets for dogs or cats and find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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VD Diabetes & Obesity for dogs

Is your dog overweight or has he been diagnosed with diabetes? In both cases, Calibra has a solution in the form of a veterinary diet Calibra VD Dog Diabetes & Obesity.

VD Hepatic for dogs

Does your dog have liver problems? Do not despair – this organ has a large functional reserve and regenerative ability, if the appropriate treatment is applied quickly and correctly.

VD Gastrointestinal & Pancreas for dogs

The dog's digestive problems are one of the most common reasons for visiting a veterinarian, who often recommends starting a veterinary diet. Are you interested in how a change in diet can help and how is the Calibra diet different from conventional food? Let's take a look at the complex issues of digestion together.